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Welcome to Ocean Wealth Solutions

Ocean Wealth Solutions (OWS) is a Pune based Proficient Financial Planning Advisory firm which is also has presence in Mumbai and Solapur. Founder of the firm Mr. Mayur Shah has a rich experience of over a decade in personal finance industry and possesses top most qualifications in this field. Mr. Shah is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with SEBI & a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM). Ocean Wealth Solutions offers fee based services since it's inception in 2013. This model ensures that our clients receive unbiased advice & recommendations.

All of us have financial goals in life which are driven by responsibility and our various aspirations. We at Ocean Wealth Solutions help our clients to manage their finances in a systematic and structured way. The OWS way of planning and managing finances ensures your continuous progress towards achieving these goals. The end result of course is that you live a financially stress free life.

Financial planning is a science as it includes mathematics and calculations; however it's presented in an extremely simplified manner by OWS for you to understand. It includes continuous proper guidance and quality advice by a dedicated financial planner on regular basis.

"We do not sell any Investment Products."

Ocean Wealth Solutions is a goal based financial planning/advisory firm which plays the role of a Financial Doctor and not of a Chemist. We work as advisers and do follow-ups for its implementation.

Register Here for a complementary educative financial planning session and we will meet you at your convenient place; this session is absolutely free but extremely knowledgeable.

Mr. Mayur Shah is one of the 1st very few RIAs in India.

SEBI Registration No. - INA000000474

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